In this guide, we disassemble the classic Razor folding scooter. For such a simple vehicle, they are surprisingly complex and have quite a few small parts. When you consider how much punishment this little scooter can take, its easy to see why they are still popular as a fun, compact mode of transport.

Safety Information

Caution: The mechanism which allows the scooter to fold is held together with several snap rings. Removing them requires bending and loading them like a spring - if they break or slip, the ring can be sent flying. Therefore, use eye protection when dealing with snap rings.

  1. In order to conduct this teardown you will need (depicted from left to right):
    • In order to conduct this teardown you will need (depicted from left to right):

    • 1 Hammer

    • 1 Pair of Channel Lock Pliers

    • 1 Flathead Screwdriver (for prying)

    • 1 Pair of Needlenose Pliers

    • 1 Metric Allen Key Set

    • 1 Pair of Snapring Pliers

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  2. Start by pressing the lock lever with your thumb and unfold the scooter into riding position.
    • Start by pressing the lock lever with your thumb and unfold the scooter into riding position.

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    • Take the top of the scooter and open the handlebar lock to expose the small screw underneath. (Picture 1)

    • Using a 3mm allen key unscrew the single retaining screw. (Picture 2)

    • Once the screw is removed the clip tightening screw can be removed by hand freeing the whole retaining clip. (Picture 3)

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    • Now that the retaining clip has been freed, slide it off towards the handlebars. (Picture 1)

    • Once the retaining clip is removed the handlegrip "T" will now easily slide out of the scooter base. (Picture 2)

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    • Moving down the remaining scooter shaft, use a 5mm allen key to remove the lower retaining ring. (Picture 1)

    • Now remove the remaining scooter shaft by unscrewing it from the the wheel and axle. (Picture 2)

    • Hint: Hold the front wheel while unscrewing the shaft to prevent the axle from spinning.

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    • Using your hand unscrew the first nut on the axle. (Picture 1)

    • Note: This is the jam-nut used to stop the axle from falling apart.

    • Now using the Channel Lock Pliers remove the axle retaining nut. (Picture 2)

    • Hint: You may have to hold the front wheel to prevent the whole assembly from rotating.

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    • The axle is now able to be slid out. (Picture 1 & 2)

    • Note: this piece could be covered in grease.

    • Now carefully remove the bearing sitting inside of the axle housing. (Picture 3)

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    • There will also be a bearing on the axle itself which can also be easily slid off. (Picture 1)

    • Now that the axle is free the front wheel can easily be removed using two 5mm allen keys. (Picture 2)

    • Hint: If you only have one 5mm allen key, the 5mm allen key and the pair of needle nose pliers can be used instead of two allen keys.

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    • The rear wheel assembly can now be removed using a 5mm allen key. Use the same process as that to remove the front wheel in Step 8. (Picture 1)

    • The one screw will disconnect the rear wheel and the wheel-e bar from the scooter frame. (Picture 2)

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    • The brake mechanism is attached to the base by a steel pin. This pin is difficult to remove, but would be possible with a large press. (Picture 1)

    • Caution: It is our recommendation that you do not attempt to remove this pin unless absolutely necessary. It will be very difficult to get back in place.

    • A torsion spring controls the actuation of the brake. (Picture 2)

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    • Remove all six snap rings from the pivoting assembly. The process for using snap ring pliers is shown in Pictures 1-3.

    • Hint: Three snap rings are shown in Picture 1. The remaining three are on the other side in the same location.

    • Note: It is recomended to wear eye protection during this step since snap rings have a tendency to spring all over the place.

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    • Remove the black plastic piece indicated in the picture.

    • Hint: Use the screwdriver to get under one of the flanges. It should come off very easily.

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    • Pry the black plastic piece from the front of the scooter. This will take some work, but the piece will come off intact.

    • Note: This will allow you to see the inner workings of the pivoting mechanism.

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    • Remove the spring from the inner workings of the pivoting mechanism with the needle nose piers.

    • To remove the spring: First, pull on the visible hook, then push the hook back into the mechanism to remove the tension on the second hook.

    • Leave the spring in the mechanism for now. It will be retrieved once the pins are removed.

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    • Remove all three pins from the pivoting assembly.

    • Hint: We found it helpful to use the long bolt from the back wheel to hammer out these pins which were difficult to get out. (Picture 1)

    • Note: Once complete, the remaining pieces should fall out as the pivoting piece is removed from the base.

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    • The teardown is now complete.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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