The Teardown is pretty much the same as other Samsung Slider phones

Este desmontaje no es una guía de reparación. Para reparar tu Samsung Intensity, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio .

Remove the back cover and battery
  • Remove the back cover and battery

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Remove the 8 screw that hold the back cover down.
  • Remove the 8 screw that hold the back cover down.

  • Carefully pry back piece off

  • Start at the bottom and work toward the top.

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  • Use the ipod opening tool to disconnect the Connector

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  • Carefully remove the main board

    • Make sure to not tear the microphone cable, pry it from the phone carefully

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  • Remove the 6 screws

  • Pry to ribbon cable assembly loose from the slider

  • Its glued on the left and right side

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  • Remove the 4 screw the holds the slider to the phone assembly

  • one of the screws will be behind the hinge

  • Carefully pry slider assembly loose from display assembly

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  • Remove the tape and pop the connectors and pull all the ribbon cables loose

  • Carefully pry the speaker loose from the case.

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  • Carefully work the keyboard loose from the display assembly

  • There are a couple fragile clips that hold it in place

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  • LCD comes out pretty easily

  • Pry it from the bottom and work up the sides to release it if stuck

  • The glass can be removed with a little heat from a heat gun or blow dryer

  • Pry it out from the outside edges working around carefully

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