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Here I´m showing a repairablility index of -1 aka bad design.

This Keyboard has been glued together not only with double sided tape but also with superglue making it impossible to repair. All I wanted was to replace the USB connector!

Este desmontaje no es una guía de reparación. Para reparar tu Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio .

  1. Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown, Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 1, imagen 1 de 2 Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown, Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 1, imagen 2 de 2
    • A broken off micro-USB connector for charging a bluetooth keyboard doesn´t seem like a challenge. But wait until you´ve tried with this one: Rapoo E6700 bluetooth keyboard.

  2. Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • I tried to get access to the damaged USB connector, but the bottom cover that contains the main PCB is held in place by screws not from the outside but the inside.

    • So I broke off the bottom cover to repair the connector, but then you cannot connect back the flex connectors to the keyboard.

    • Maby we can separate the keyboard from the aluminium housing ?

  3. Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 3, imagen 1 de 2 Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 3, imagen 2 de 2
    • Well for those who try to get the keyboard off, someone has developed superglue.

    • Yes you heard it, not just sticky double sided tape, also superglue applied in the marked areas.

  4. Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • Here´s the keyboard after 1 hour trying to separate the parts.

    • And another view of the superglue residuals on the keyboard side.

  5. Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 5, imagen 1 de 2 Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Teardown: paso 5, imagen 2 de 2
    • This is the 'repaired' keyboard

    • and the only reason to repair: the broken off (badly soldered) USB connector.

    • What a waste of materials

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I just could say yes to that,

I obtained two of thes key boards, where I broke off, two connectors, qhat a &&^&@@ up piece of sh**

couldn´t handle to open it up, dropped the keys-buttons and so on, really crap like board...


darkheart - Contestar

Thomas, thx for publishing your findings - I was just about to start trying to figure out how to open it to repair the USB connector (so I can charge it), but I think I will save my time and go buy a different one. It's sad that such a nice looking/working keyboard is so unusable because of a simple broken off USB connector...

Bunia Yakkazuzzi - Contestar

... the bottom cover of the keyboard can be opened with a screwdriver.

piecemeal unclamp the sides and you can then access the USB port easyly without further damage...






If a few scratches on the aluminum do not bother

sicz - Contestar

Hi, there are 6 screws and 2 clips holding the cover over the main circuit pcb. You can lever the cover away from the main part of the keyboard and break the supports for the screws and probably break at least one of the clips. OR you could try drilling out the screws and save the clips. You will need to be accurate with the drilling or you will damage the wires to the battery possibly causing FIRE! Alternately leave these two for breaking off. You can effect required repairs and refix the pcb and cover to the main part of the keyboard with double sided tape or your preferred alternative.

One other hint, when replacing the striplines connect the trackpad (small) one first as the larger one is much easier to fit second than the other way around.

Do not attempt to open the keyboard from the top as super glue and disaster lurk on that path.

Gary Richter - Contestar

The positions to drill mentioned in my last post follow:

8mm towards the front of the keyboard from the centre of each of the small round feet.

Draw a line connecting these two holes. Measure 60mm and a further 105mm from the hole nearest the on/off switch and 8mm forward and back at each of these points.

Try a 1-2mm drill so you can see where the screw is before drilling a bigger hole. The support that the screws screw into is 3mm in diameter so if you use a 3mm (1/8inch) drill you should disconnect the support from the cover. all that will be left is a rib running front to back.

Take this slowly.

Gary Richter - Contestar

Hi i have the same problem with connector May You send a picture with screw position? Tnks a lot

Roberto -

Thanks for all your help

Thomas you are so right it's impossible to repair. I could open it from the back side by breaking the 6 screws and the 2 clips but I broke as well the fixed soldered right IC circuit cable …

Then I could fix the micro USB using super glue but it doesn't charge at all I suppose because of the broken IC circuit cable.

What a $@$*, beautiful design and performance to a good price but a very stupid micro USB EXTREMELY Badly soldered …. Almost a sabotage

Galip - Contestar

With which other model did you replaced the rapoo e6700 ?

Now I have to buy a new one with the mouse integrated and the Swiss layout

Thanks for your help


Galip - Contestar

Same issue here. The USB connector failed and somes keys aren’t working anymore. Not a keyboard to recommends.

alcantor - Contestar

Thanks for the post,

I have the model e2800p and have been trying to find a way to open it but couldn't, searched internet, couldn't find my model but found your post!

Exactly same story with me, broken micro USB connector. and just because of that and the poor workmanship of Rapoo my keyboard is wasted!!

Too bad Rapoo!!!

So very bad, why on earth should you seal off a keyboard like that, especially when you have the most pathetic connectors in the world…

Never buying from Rapoo again, ever!!

Sultan Sikander - Contestar

I put together a small instruction how to easily get access to the usb port if anyone is still interested

Rapoo E6700 Keyboard Connector Port Repair

Vendetti - Contestar

I just found this article, and sadly I have the same problem. I own two Rapoo keyboards, and come to the same conclusion. I love these little keyboards, but sadly will not be buying Rapoo anymore. If you are not going to make it repairable, especially when you use a flaky USB port for charging that simply drops off the board, then I’m out.

Time to go looking for a keyboard manufacturer that still believes in using screws!

witenitenz - Contestar

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