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Este desmontaje no es una guía de reparación. Para reparar tu Microsoft Surface Book 2, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio .

    Consideraciones Finales
    • After the difficult opening procedure, the SSD can be replaced.
    • The display assembly consists of a fused glass panel and LCD, and is difficult to remove and replace.
    • The processor and RAM are soldered to the motherboard.
    • Strong adhesive holds many components in place, including the display, base cover, and both batteries.
    • Many components are on the backs of their respective boards, requiring motherboard removal to replace simple components.
    Calificación de Reparabilidad
    Reparabilidad 1 de 10
    (10 es lo más fácil de reparar)

34 comentarios

Any chance we will see a 15 inch teardown?

Samuel Young - Contestar

I agree with Mr. Young. The 15 inch model houses the new Core i7 8650U, a quad-core processor, as well as a discrete graphics card, the GTX 1060. Any chance that you might be taking a look into that?

Ethan Zuo -

Will there be a written version?

Liam Powell - Contestar

Can you swap the ram? (with effort)

Maxi “Maxam” W - Contestar

As stated in the video, no, the ssd is removable but the, ram, cpu, gpu etc are soldered onto the board

Pierce Sonnenberg -

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