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Here is a video teardown of the ThinkPad T410s.

Below is a step by step teardown

Este desmontaje no es una guía de reparación. Para reparar tu Lenovo ThinkPad 410, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio .

    • Unlatch and remove battery

    • Open Acess panel

    • Remove Hard drive

    • Remove wirless WAN

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    • Remove DIMM from back

    • Remove Keyboard retaing Screw from bottom of system

    • Turn the system over and open the cover. Push the keyboard toward the back and lift it up. Slide it forward to rest it on the palm rest. Disconnect the ribbon cable.

    • Remove BIOS battery

    • Disconnect the two antenna leads from the Wireless WAN card. Remove the two retaining screws. Rotate the card up and pull it out of the slot.

    • Remeber which lead goes where Prior to removing it . Grey is usually MAIN , black AUX

    • Remove 14 retaining screws from back

    • The first 9 are required for bezel and touchpad removal .

    • M2 × 14 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (6)

    • M2 × 3 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (3)

    • The remaining need to be removed for base cover removal

    • M2 × 5 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (4)

    • M2 × 10 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (1)

    • Note: The FPC cable is attached on the underside of the keyboard bezel assembly. In some models, the Bluetooth daughter card is also attached on the underside of the keyboard bezel assembly.

    • Turn system over , open , remove 4 retaining screws and the work form one side , using spudger to remove chasis bezel

    • M2 × 3 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (4)

    • Remove 4 retaining screws

    • M2 × 3 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (4)

    • Remove the two retaining screws on the bottom of the system.

    • M2.5 × 6 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (2)

    • Turn the system over and open the cover.

    • Unroute all the wires.

    • Remove the retaining screws.

    • M2.5 × 6 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (2)

    • Carefully lift the LCD panel up and out of the chass


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Uhm, sorry, what about the photos? I don't see any...

JoeMuc2014 - Contestar

Still not seeing any photos accompanying the steps listed in the teardown.

Jason Landers - Contestar

well. if get short out inside of USB or network line>> that has been stopping the software lunched.

mohammed - Contestar

we need teardown of T410

mohammed - Contestar

The video shows a teardown of the T410s. It is a lot different from the T410.

Robert Oschmann - Contestar

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