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Free Wheelchair Mission’s most recent model, the GEN 2, was created for use in developing countries. This new model is designed to fit any body type for adults and children with special needs.

The GEN 2 has several updated features for increased safety and maneuverability including: adjustable seating, large caster wheels, extra-thick seat cushion, and adjustable footrests.

In this guide, you will learn how to teardown the GEN 2 wheelchair for storage or transportation.

Este desmontaje no es una guía de reparación. Para reparar tu GEN 2 Wheelchair, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio .

  1. Find a clean area to work in so every part can be accounted for.
    • Find a clean area to work in so every part can be accounted for.

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  2. Remove the footrest by unscrewing the lower bolt, using the 10 mm wrench.
    • Remove the footrest by unscrewing the lower bolt, using the 10 mm wrench.

    • Remove the upper bolt above the socket.

    • Slide out the footrest and unscrew the plate welded to the socket.

    • Slide the plate upward and off of the track to remove.

    • Untie the foot retention belt.

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    • Undo the seatbelt.

    • Remove the seat cushion by pulling it off of the velcro.

    • Remove the back padding by untieing the straps attached to the back pad.

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    • Turn the wheelchair upside down and untie the plastic seat.

    • Remove the plastic seat support.

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    • Locate the plastic cap on top of the caster wheels.

    • Place the 10mm wrench underneath the plastic cap and lift it up to remove.

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    • Remove the caster wheels by unscrewing the bolt under the cap with a 19 mm wrench.

    • Lift the wheelchair up to pull the caster wheels off.

    • Use caution: The metal sheath and the bearing of the caster wheel is not attached and may fall off upon removal.

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    • Use a 1/2 inch socket wrench to unscrew bolts to remove the brakes.

    • Pull the brakes off.

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    • Remove the wheels by placing a 19 mm socket wrench on the inside of the wheel and unscrew the bolt.

    • Unscrew the bolt on the outside of the wheel by using a 19 mm socket wrench.

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    • Unscrew all of the 10mm bolts on the frame using the 10 mm wrench (15 bolts total).

    • Separate the handle frame pieces from the metal side structure (2 bolts total).

    • Remove the bolts attaching the three support beams (4 bolts each, 12 bolts total).

    Step 9, bullet 4 could use an image of the bolt with the rubber cap.

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    • Remove the bolt with the rubber cap that attaches the air pump to the center support on the bottom.

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    • Congratulations! Your teardown is now complete. Make sure all of the parts are accounted for before storing or shipping.

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