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I was only six when my parents introduced me to this machine. Now, 12 years later, I'm taking a look inside before saying my last farewell as it heads off for disposal.

    • Firstly, out comes the battery. just a lock and a switch much like modern laptops which still have a replaceable batteries.

    • The broken left mouse button on my machine also gets removed since the sellotape holding it in would probably annoy me later.

    • Two phillips 0 screws hold down the panel hiding the hard drive from view.

    • It is a Seagate 40GB model which appears user upgradeable... It's even mounted to a quick-release drive caddy.

    • Attempting to free the drive from the cage we find the first warranty sticker. All this means is I'm headed in the right direction!

    • Two annoying screws later and the drive slips free of its hot-swap cage.


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    Ahorra reparando con un kit todo en uno.

    Compra Kits de Reparación
    • Only a single screw this time... and we're in.

    • W e are greeted with a 256MB DDR SODIMM. This could have been upgraded to 1GB back in the day.

    • One of the screws here is screwed into a cracked hole in the panel. I guess living with two young children, as my brother and I were at the time, will have taken its toll.

    • The intake fan is remarkably clean given the amount of use... I can remember this thing howling under a heavy load.

    • Many screws hold the bottom panel tohether, inclusing one deeply set in the plastic, requiring a long-shaft screwdriver.

    • One of the screws holding the optical drive in place needed to be drilled out since it would not come loose.

    • Unfortunately something wouldn't budge and I was not able to pull the cover off any further with my (lack of) expertise. Don't worry there's still one more thing of interest.

    • After removing the heatsink we get to see the CPU - an intel celeron M350 clocked at 1.34 GHz.

    • It has an unusual screw-actuated lock, which can be released to allow the CPU to be removed.

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