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Professor C's E-repair and Upgrade Service

Upgrading Chromebooks for higher performance and power user applications.


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Adding images to a new question

It seems that some of us are having trouble with adding images to questions....

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Xbox One Teardown

Xbox One teardown on November 21, 2013.

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HP Pavilion Chromebook 14-c050nr RAM & SSD upgrade procedure.

RAM and SSD upgrade procedure for affordable HP chromebook....

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If your 30+ year old car's alarm is going off for no apparent reason and you...

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Power Button Dead?

The power button becomes non-functional on my AL1912 Here is a quick fix to...

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Linux - Mac - Windows creating bootable images on USB keys - SD cards the easy way.

Creating bootable USB sticks and SD card devices with rufus is kinda...

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How to turn HP Pavilion Chromebook into linux laptop

This guide will help you rescue your chromebook from the landfill since these...

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Pebble 2 (SE) Teardown

A teardown of the Pebble 2—not the smartwatch we needed, but the one we...

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How to convert a generic Chromebook to Linux OS

Chromebook unsupported? Don't put in a landfill, you can give it new life as...

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How to unclog pump impeller inlet port

How to unclog the pool filter pump impeller inlet port on a typical pool pump.