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Go Green Team TX

Computer consultant and repair business.

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I am small repair business located in the East TX area which started as a hobby to help family and friends to reduce the cost of computer repairs, but after spending a lot of time repairing CPUs I begin to venture in to laptops and tablet devices. I do have an educational background in the Technology field. I have attended a Computer Technician course at Louisiana Technical College and also I have crafted my talents by researching and remain abreast with the constant changes of technology world through self-studies. Now I am expanding my services to others who are looking for quality and efficient service that is provided from a professional and secure repair vendor. I have over 10 years of experience in working in fields that handle implementing and upholding privacy laws and I have a strict policy in handle personal and corporate information that is stored within the property of my clients. If you any further question please contact me for details of services that are provided by GGT TX. Thank you for your consideration!