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Kanen Coffee: Espresso Machines

Espresso Machine Service and Sales in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • 950 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

K and K Fixit

Family owned shop

  • 899 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

K and K Fix it

Electronic repair has motivated me to decrease the electronic waste in our landfills and to properly recycle all of the broken pieces

  • 899 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Infinity Tech Repair

Mac & PC repair business that specializes in help-desk level tech support, offering software troubleshooting, hardware repair, PC building, and one-to-one...

  • 892 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Infinity Tech Repair (ITR)

Infinity Tech Repair is an independant repair shop based in Windermere, FL. We specialize in Mac and PC repair for both laptops and desktops. We offer onsite...

  • 892 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


Technology repairs and maintenance

  • 872 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Experimax West Palm Beach

Experimax is your local trusted tech source for Apple product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro and...

  • 867 de reputación
  • 5 Miembros


Making Phones Work For You. Serving Winkler area. We upgrade, buy, sell and repair. •iPhones•iPads•MacBooks•iMacs•

  • 851 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Smart Screens

We are a smartphone and tablet screen repair business that you can trust! All repairs are carried out by a fully qualified engineer and we're 100% Irish!

  • 844 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Geek it Together, Inc.

IT Consulting, IT Technical Support, and Repair service. Let us geek it together for you!

  • 840 de reputación
  • 2 Miembros

iSmartRepair - Smart devices & board repair

iSmartRepair is a company specialized in repairs for smart devices. We offer a full range of services for phones, tablets and laptops and we do in house...

  • 837 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


  • 813 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Tech Castle, LLC

Electronics repair. PCs, phones, tablets, we'll take a look at any device. Free diagnostics. Refurbished PC sales.

  • 791 de reputación
  • 2 Miembros

RockIT Repairs, Inc.

At RockIT Repairs we specialize in cracked screens, glass replacements, charging ports, backlights, IC chip and board level repairs.

  • 787 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


WeFixUrTech offers affordable electronics and computer repair. We also offer computer upgrades.

  • 735 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


We setup, and repair a variety of technologies. We give consultation on purchasing technology.

  • 733 de reputación
  • 3 Miembros


Did you google #TomatoBetChallenge? Perfect.... You might be ready for the next challenge.... Are you ready to play the game?

  • 710 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


  • 692 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Experimac Kennesaw/Marietta, GA

Experimac is your local trusted tech source for Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets,...

  • 691 de reputación
  • 3 Miembros

Alliance Computers Inc.

We repair mobile devices brought to us from residential and business customers.

  • 668 de reputación
  • 16 Miembros

Ottawa PC Repair Center LLC

We repair laptop, desktop, tablets, and now cellphone screens

  • 657 de reputación
  • 3 Miembros


  • 614 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Experimac Boynton Beach, FL

Experimac is your local trusted tech source for Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets,...

  • 611 de reputación
  • 3 Miembros

Auburn Opelika Networks

PC & Network consultant. Repair PC's and mobile devices. Set-up , troubleshoot and maintain networks for small businesses. Mac and iDevice repairs.

  • 593 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


If I Can't Fix It, You Don't Need it!

  • 587 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

iReanimator Park Kultury

  • 584 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Littlefixit, LLC

  • 584 de reputación
  • 2 Miembros


  • 582 de reputación
  • 2 Miembros


Electronics Sales, Installation, and Repair

  • 569 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

G2 Electronic Repairs

Fast, Local & Inexpensive repairs.

  • 563 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros


We repair Mobile Phones, Tablets and iPads from a mobile repair workshop in the Bristol, Bath & Portishead Areas of the UK

  • 563 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Game Tech

We are a small repair shop and specialize in fixing many consumer electronics including phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles. We are one of the few...

  • 551 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Olympia Mac Repair

Providing professional repair services and personally tailored in-home /on-site services for Macs and related products.

  • 522 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Tech Warrior

I try to save a device from the landfill or help customers keep their devices working. Computer, Tablet, Game Console, Cell Phone Repair.

  • 513 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Tech11 Repair

  • 511 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Omniserve Electronics

Professional expertise in inspection, troubleshooting, testing, repair, and support of consumer electronic devices. We specialize in mobile phone repair,...

  • 500 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Geekin' Around LLC

We are a microsoldering driven company that provides repairs to local B2B and local consumers

  • 499 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Aberfoyle Park PC Repairs

Affordable PC, Mac, Phone & Tablet Repairs in Adelaide, South Australia

  • 492 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

iRepairMan Limited (UK)

We are mobile phone repair business in London UK and mail-in-repair service provider across UK. We repair Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches, Samsung,...

  • 491 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros

Support Millenium

Global Support and service.

  • 475 de reputación
  • 1 Miembros