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Davis Systems

Computer repair, iPhone repair, custom built high-end computers for professional use, audio installation, and other electronic services.personal electronics repair.

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Having been fascinated with computers and technology since I first started using computers when I was 13, I knew from an early age that computer repair was a job for me. I work with computers on a daily basis, owning 5 of my own, 2 being custom built desktops, and having repaired hundreds, if not thousands, of computers.

I first started working on computers officially in 2008 as an agent for the Geek Squad. I quickly went from the classic "new guy" to one of the top technicians on my team. In 2010 I joined the United States Army as a Nodal Network Operator and Maintainer, a position which I still hold today. Naturally having experienced these positions, high stress situations are normal for me and don't affect my performance, allowing me to handle multiple jobs at the same time with no problem.

Customer satisfaction is always one of the highest priorities of mine, along with the proper diagnosis and repair of your computer. I also enjoy building computers. To me taking all the parts and creating a custom, functional computer, is one of the most satisfying feelings.

I hope you consider me when looking for a technician. Like I said, customer satisfaction is always my top