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What has been your experience with 10.13.4 update on Legacy Macs

I believe evil corporate Apple has done it again.

In the last month I have gotten in five 2012 and earlier MacBook Pros and iMacs that all had the same problem. After the 10.13.4 update they all slowed down to about 10% of the speed they had before. Theses are all machines that I have upgraded the hard drives on with Seagate SSHDs. These machines were driving me up the wall. 3/4 of the time the machines had done incomplete updates. On these, after a lot of effort I got the updates completed. After doing everything I knew to do, I tried booting from an external with a lower system and BINGO! everything was working fine again. I wiped the drives and installed a lower system and all have recovered.

My personal belief is that Apple has intentionally put something in that update to detect non-Apple drives and bring these machines down. These are now legacy machines (over six years old) and Apple refuses to work on them. So if you take it to them . all they will do is try to sell you a new machine. Time for a good class action law suit!

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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@mayer - Did you call/text/email Seagate support to see what they think?


@danj I have not but will do so now. Seagate Partner support is researching it now for me. I have to write them a detailed report.


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Hey Mayer!

This reminds of the ongoing iPhone "Battery" replacement issues... how is it that the "battery" (hardware) needs replacement when these phones were fine until iOS 11 (software)?

Conspiracy indeed... I've not gotten the fleet of legacy / upgraded macs I manage onto 10.13 yet, most are on 10.11, but now I think I'll upgrade with great caution. Perhaps do some Geekbench and BlackMagic and/or AJA System speed tests to see if I can find some insight into what Apple is doing here.

Did you run HD read/write + processor tests in both scenarios?

I'll report my findings when I do this (assuming I remember to come back here...), as now I'm interested in doing this as a test on a partition of one of the machines that will eventually get there... should be able to do this in the coming month.


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