External Drive not mounting on MacBook Pro Retina

Since yesterday the 2 TB external hard drive isn’t mounting on my MacBook Pro Retina 2017. I checked Finder Preference and marked ‘show external drives’ however it didn’t worked. Tried to plug-in in different USB ports and checked Disk utility that makes the drive approved blurred. Most Important: I want to access my external hard drive data urgently. Any help is appreciated. ​

Update (04/20/2018)

I have a Good & Bad News. Good news is I recovered almost most of the videos using the app called Stellar Phoenix Mac. This guide​ helped me. The bad news is that I am still unable to make the drive work as usual. The drive is out of warranty, so there is no chance of replacement. Any suggestions?

@Dan: I don;t know much about the drive other than that it's WD 2TB Elements with a USB cable.

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Can you tell us the exact make and model of the external drive as well as how you are connecting it (USB-A to USB-C or USB-C straight through).

Can you post a screenshot of the Disk Utility window showing us this blur'ed condition and tell us what the drive is formatted with.


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Hi, you can still run Disk Utility's First Aid on your unmounted drive. To do so, select your drive from the Disk Utility left corner and press First-Aid. Wait for the process completion and the Disk utility will let you know if your drive needs repair or formatting. P.S. backup your data and then erase the drive with MacOS Journaled.

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Cela m'est arrivé! Essayez d'abord de le connecter à un PC Windows. Voir s'il est reconnu dans l'utilitaire de disque de Windows. Si c'est le cas, reformatez le disque dans exFAT, puis reconnectez-le à votre Mac qui devrait le réparer.


It happened to me! Firstly try to connect it to a Windows PC. See if it's recognized within windows disk utility. If it is, re-format the drive in exFAT, then reconnect it to your Mac that should fix it.

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