Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Errors E106 and E101

I get error E106 whenever I boot and when I try to update or factory reset I get E101. I used the factory update trick by holding eject and bind even after two beeps with a USB drive plugged in to instantly start updating but every time I try to update or factory reset I get error E101. When it says checking update, i checked on the drive and saw that it does move the update files to the disk but it doesn't install them. I have repartitioned the hard drive with ludvig jerabeks Linux tool. I tried every USB option available. Any ideas on what these error codes actually mean? I know E101 has something to do with updating.

Oh and I can't send it to Microsoft because my warranty period has ended and I don't want to pay half the retail price just to let them repair a known issue.

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I've found out that e106 means that the osu1 files aren't the right ones. This probably means my console is in the insider program. I bought this console off ebay so I don't know. I'm gonna look up my dashboard version tomorrow.



I've tried another partitioning script because the previous one was a bit shady. The console still shows the error when it finishes the 'installing update' part. Error E106 is a problem with the files. My dashboard version is from October '17 so it isn't an insider program version. I hope this information helps.


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E101 is an update error. microsoft has the solution here, you will need a empty/unimportant flashdrive handy for this.

E106 is a startup error. microsoft also has a guide for this. you may or may not need a flash drive for this one too.

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As I mentioned before e106 isn't a normal startup error and as I mentioned before I have already tried this but Microsoft just wants me to send it to them an pay them half the f@!?ing retail price


oops. I a going to admit I read the title only and not the actual question, which is not appropriate here. feel free to downvote this. anyhow, what was happening before you got the error?


I don't know what was happening because i bought this Xbox off ebay for a couple bucks.


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