The BLU Life 8 is a smartphone based on Android 4.2. It is equipped with a 5" display with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

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Replacement battery for my blu life mark phone

Hi I’m trying to get a replacement battery for my blu life mark phone, I’ve tried emailing blu 6 times but no reply I’ve tried the internet searching for a battery the closest I got was eBay in America but the code numbers were different? I’ve tried all the usual places amazon etc .......nothing ...? hard can it be to get a simple phone battery ? Why is this phone company BLU IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTACT?????

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What is the model of your phone? I am assuming you have tried the phone numbers on


Hi @avanteguarde ,

I think he's referring to a Blu Life Mark.

Interesting that everybody who lists the battery says "out of stock''


@jayeff yeah, he selected the life 8 as a picture so I am mistaken. Yes the battery is not available. This must be a regional one off phone.


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Try this:

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