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iPhone 7 plus keeps shutting off after screen replacement

I just did a screen replacement on an iPhone 7 plus. The previous screen was almost completely shattered with a large hole in the upper left hand corner.

After I completed the repair, I turned the phone to find that everything worked fine. The camera, microphone, audio, etc... all worked great. I left it on for a few minutes just to make sure everything was fine, and while I did that it turned itself off.

Now I can't get it to stay on. It'll stay on for anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, however at some point it will shut itself off. Sometimes it'll shut off when it would usually go to sleep. Sometimes it'll shut off when the lock button is pressed. I've tried disconnecting the flex cable (for the camera, light sensor, etc), and it still does the random shut off thing.

Other than that, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the phone. When I leave it plugged in, I don't believe it does this shutdown thing (however I haven't had a chance to test for an extended amount of time).

Has anyone experienced this before, and did anyone come upon a solution?

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I've ordered a new flex cable. I'm unsure if this'll fix the issue, but it's worth a shot.


Only thing I can think of is the battery being faulty, if not it probably needs at least board-level repair / microsoldering to fix the problem.


Did you ever find a solution to this?


I had the similar issue with iPhone 7 screen replacement with grade AAA screen. New screen was working fine after tested everything, Now, when I closed the new screen on the phone to put final two screws, display just disappeared and was tuning on and off and it is keeping turning on and off for long.

After that I did not try anything else.

I am assuming it is because of non-original screen?

or its battery went wrong with new screen

or it need to connect with itune to repair software.

or shall I try original broken screen back

What do you think ?


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When the phone enters sleep mode the screen can not wake up, it is likely that the new screen is not genuine and with non-original parts have problems ..

First try to return the broken screen along with the home button and the front camera cable.

If this works, the new screen is not working properly.

2. Check that the screen cables are normal (not ripped off) and the connectors

3. Try to look at the area where the monitor is connected whether there is damage to the motherboard or to the battery cable.

Could you have changed the screen while the phone is still on?

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I made sure the phone was off, and I had the battery disconnected during the repair. The last cable I plugged in was the battery.

I'll try moving everything over to the old screen later to see if it still works with that. If that's the case, then I'll initiate a return on the current screen.


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