Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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Series 3 guts into an 1st gen Apple Watch case possible?

I have both an 1st gen Apple Watch and a series 3. My 1st gen is stainless, sapphire and ceramic, and want to swap the guts of my Series 3 into my 1st gen. Is this possible?

Update (02/17/2018)

Thank you everyone. I guess I should’ve expanded a bit more on my reasoning why I feel “value” on my question.

I forked out Benjamins on a step up from the lower tier aluminum, ion, composite option. I got my Series 3 as a raffle, and comparing the two, it feels as if the new came out of a Cracker Jacks box, and feels cheap, compared to the kick ass feeling of stainless, sapphire and ceramic back.

There is the “value” I personally see seeking advice, or suggestions. I guess, I could also just sell both, and just fork out the difference.

First-world problems are a darn thing nowadays. Thanks all.

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I do feel bad as I could see a lot of people trying to do this. Think of the gold and the while ceramic models which cost in the $10,000 range. I wonder if Apple offered them upgrades? The Stainless model while not as expensive is also stuck in this quagmire.

I would take the time to review the IFIXIT Teardown's:

- Orginal Apple Watch Teardown

- Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown This also covers the gen2 Series 1

- Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown

Keep in mind the Series 3 has a different screen, back and antenna than the older units so you can't reuse yours. The mounting of the antenna will require a jeweler with the correct tools to drill and tap new holes if it can be done.


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To be honest I don't see the value here.

You would need to change out quite a lot and I'm not sure you could even get the new parts to fit.

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I went in to the Apple Store with the swollen battery issue on my 1st Generation Apple Watch 7000 series, and it was shipped off to Apple's repair facility.

When I received the Watch back, to my surprise it was nolonger a 1st Generation, but they replaced it entirely with a Series 1.

I've owned and sent in Apple products for repairs for years going back to my iPhone 4, but I always received the same model of device back that I sent in repair, even if it was a replacement device.

Suffice to say, I'm pleasantly surprised that I got a free upgrade from my single core 1st generation watch to the dual-core series 1... something I thought Apple would never do. Has anyone else had this experience with their 1st generation Apple Watch repair?

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They gave you a swap out, not yours rebuilt. You did get the benefit though!

This is a bit different as Henry wants to move the internal parts over from the new watch to the older case. The Series 3 is a bit different than the older Series 1/2 and even the original Apple Watch.


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