The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP.

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Will not turn on, Just vibrates when on charge and has new battery

Hey guys i have a samsung j1 i left it at home one night and when i came home it was flat i tried to turn it on it didnt turn on so i put it on charge and it just vibrates every 5-10 seconds continuously and i have replaced the battery and it still just vibrates on charge and whrn you try turn it on it vibrates to let you know it has switched on but then nothing happens and i need pictures and data off the phone

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@telfz0r Is it still being recognized by your computer when plugged in? this sounds like a display issue since that is what could make it vibrate.


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Option one: Try a new charger.

Option 2: Go to a service center and replace the charging panel

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Sometimes when a charger is in the same position for a while, this happens. It will only charge in a specific position, which explains the continuous vibration. It is simply charging in one position, then not charging when you move it even slightly. You need a new charger.


No its not the charger I have tried 5-10 different combinations of power connections and USB cords


Mmm...I'll keep that in mind.


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