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Replacement Digitisers won’t work

Ok, I have replaced numerous screens but this one has got me. The digitiser is cracked but works , I have tried 5 New digitisers on it but none of them work (except the home button) as soon as I put the old one on (which is not the original either) it works !!

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Thanks , but it is a correct part. The working (broken ) one is one I’ve previously replaced too . It’s really weird, I even thought some of the connector from the iPad could be attached to the ic connector !! But it’s not


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This is odd, It's essentially impossible to have 5 bad screens. So if the OG works, the only thing I can think of is that they are the wrong part number. Try confirming it is the exact model and everything is correctly plugged it. I know that's not helpful but that is all I have. Good luck!

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