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Why does my iPhone 7 Plus rear camera show black screen?

I accidentally dropped my phone a few days ago and found out the rear camera and flashlight are not working on the camera app. Instead it showed a black screen and in video mode there was an icon saying ‘iphone needs to cool down before using flash’ I tried using the snapchat camera but no luck there. So I took my iPhone to a local repair shop. They checked the connections were fine and my camera might be broken. By chance, today I opened my messenger camera by chance and it was working absolutely fine. I have tried reset/reboot and factory reset but still can’t access my back camera except from the messenger app.

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So you are saying that the REAR CAMERA works in messenger but not in Snapchat or Camera mode?

That's certainly odd, I wouldn't expect that camera access would be different from one app to another. However, if the tech said the camera is properly connected, then I would suspect the logic board sustained some damage from the fall. Ultimately, this will have to be probed by an experienced micro-solderer as it could be a tiny component was dislodged. There's no way to troubleshoot this "remotely"...

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This has happened to me. Same problem. Works on FB but not Snapchat or camera app. Did you find a solution?..

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