No pod required, single serve coffee brewing system with built in frother. Coffee drinks that can be made hot, iced, or other specialties and from a one cup serve to multi-serve. This device can be identified by its model number CF111 30.

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Why does my Ninja brew more water than specified?

Classic Brew / Cup / 9.5oz specified / 12oz actual.

Classic Brew / XL Cup / 11.5oz specified / 15oz actual.

Classic Brew / Travel Mug / 14oz specified / 16oz actual.

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Same problem here. Just bought today and searching for an answer. Have you called customer service ? Mine brews 4oz over on every setting.

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Called customer service. They asked me on the phone to brew and mesure. It was too much . They will send you a new one, but it will cost 25-30 to ship one back to you. That is disappointing when I already paid a good amount for it!


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looks like you have it set to Rich brew according to the manual which will give you slightly more. (page 12 or 13 of the manual)

Update (12/30/2017)

Actually you may have over-filled the reservoir. The cup or travel mug may not have been empty prior to brewing.

"The water exceeded the Max Fill line on the water reservoir prior to brewing.

The Ninja Coffee Bar® is designed to dispense the following amounts on Classic brew:

Cup 9.5 oz.

XL Cup 11.5 oz.

Travel Mug 14 oz.

XL Multi-Serve 18 oz.

Please ensure that you are using at least a 12 oz. cup for the cup size, 14 oz. cup for the

XL Cup size, 16 oz. travel mug for the travel mug size and 20 oz. travel mug for the XL

Multi-Serve size.

NOTE: On Rich Brew and Over Ice Brew there will be less volume dispensed. Specialty

Brew will deliver approximately 4 oz. and Cafe Forte will deliver approximately 8 oz." PG 18 or 19

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For a new user your advice is valid. However, this has been an ongoing problem...for over six months. Meaning, I've used this equipment many, many times and follow the instructions very carefully.

"Cup not empty" : It is an empty container. I add cream afterwards.

"Dispenser too full" : The water is below the Max Fill indicator. I've also brewed with a half full dispenser and the over-brew size is the same.

"Ensure the correct cup size" : I am using a two and four cup Pyrex to measure the actual brew size that I posted.

"Rich Brew is less volume" : Agreed. That is only the way I am able to fill my travel selecting XL (one size smaller) and Rich Brew. These settings should provide a 10.3oz brew....but in fact results in closer to 14oz....which fills up my travel mug with a little room for cream.


Well. I've run out of ideas here once again reminding me to stay in a topic I have a lot of experience with. I hope someone else can help! good luck!


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Ok here is my theory. This is a known defect and the date codes for these models are in the Nov/Dec time frame. I bought returned to bed bath and got another all around the same date codes. Both have the same problem. ( 4oz above what they should be). Could it be they are try to move these through a discounted price at B&B. They are lower than any other supplier

I am going to push hard on management to get resolved

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