Has anyone successfully replaced a battery for this?

Anyone ever attempted a battery replacement on this? I know iFixit says there’s super strong adhesive but if it’s similar to the strong adhesive on the iPhone battery, then it just seems like the same process but 5 times.

Mine is wearing out and sitting at 85-89% with about 280 cycles. I feel like the degradation is going pretty fast... (and yes, I will bring it to Genius Bar later if I can't do the fix myself).

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That would be a pretty good guide @sam (I would do it myself but can't because I don't have any)


I guess I should amend my question: I see you all sell the MacBook 2015 battery replacement but there's no 2016 replacement. Your 2016 teardown suggests that the battery is compatible but the 2016 model battery may be larger slightly. Any chance you'll have those in stock?


Any thoughts on this @sam, now that the holidays are over? :) Coconut battery is reporting that my battery is degrading at a precipitous rate (82.9% atm and was at 87-89 when I wrote this initial post)


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