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S5 green/yellow-ish flickering screen at low brightness

S5 green/yellow-ish flickering screen at low brightness

Hi there! I’ve been experiencing some issues with my Samsung S5 screen recently. Basically, when I turn brightness down very low, around 7/8ths of the screen shows this greenish flicker. I can still see what’s on the screen but it just has a rapid green flicker superimposed. It’s not an issue when I have normal brightness set. Furthermore, when I press the lock button to lock the phone, the screen also flickers green before it goes black. Hopefully this is enough detail to help identify the issue. P.S. I am yet to update to Marshmallow. And the phone is relatively well looked after– barely dropped etc since I got it 1 year ago.

I just wanna know if i ignore this problem and use it at normal brightness, will the problem progress??

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I also have this problem, although the phone i bought from friend have about 4 or 5 years. Screen flicker when low brightness and when locking/unlocking the phone (when it fades to black or from black). Many sites says to check in "programmers option" to disable GPU overlay, but for me it didn't helped. Temporary solution - install screen filter from google play and use it to control brightness. Long term solution - I still haven't found it :/


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It's a common issue with s5 series screens having too much pressure put on it over time.

Solution is to replace screen but that's expensive for an phone this old.

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