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Issues with aftermarket 6s screens and iOS 11

In work today we found an issue with aftermarket 6s screens and iOS 11, the touch is dead, no life in the digitiser whatsoever. I tested about 5 6s aftermarket screens over 3 devices all running iOS 11. What I don’t understand is the same after market screens I tested on iOS 11 work completely fine on 6s’s running 10.X.

Has anyone else found this issue?

Is Apple clamping down on independent repairers?

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Brilliant, thank you!


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Lorax check the answer by @refectio on here After update to iOS 11 Touchscreen unresponsive

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Update 2017/10/11 - Apple just released iOS version 11.0.3 and it claims to address the Touch Failure on aftermarket screens. For those of you that have been waiting for an official fix, it appears to be here. Make sure to comment below if this update solves your problem.


Update 2017/10/31 - Apple has just released iOS 11.1. Check out the details here.


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