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iPhone 7 iOS 11.0.1 Boot Loop?


A few days after the iOS 11 update, my iPhone 7's cellular signal has been inconsistent stating "no service" or "searching" for long periods of time. This happens inside my home and outside. Usually I'm able to connect to my cellular network inside my house, but it's been malfunctioning lately.


  • Restarting the iPhone
  • Removing the SIM card, gently wiping the SIM card, and blowing inside the SIM card tray hole
  • Resetting Network Settings multiple times, and turning ON and OFF Airplane Mode a numerous amount of times.
  • Checking for a Carrier Update
  • Fiddling with cellular settings such as turning OFF LTE or changing settings within the LTE settings.
  • Fiddling with Date and Time settings because apparently setting the date and time automatically causes issues.
  • None of these resolved the problem.

If I tried updating my phone to iOS 11.0.1 when the phone was not connected to a cellular network, even if I was connected to wi-fi, I was prompted with the Unable to Verify Update iOS. Yesterday, I miraculously obtained a cellular connection and was able to update my phone to iOS 11.0.1 thinking it would fix my cellular problem. It didn't. When I woke up this morning, the phone was back to "searching" or "no service" even though it was already connected to the Verizon network before and after the update.


During the day, my phone turned itself OFF and ON again prompting me to enter my passcode. This happened about two times within a four minute interval. A few minutes later, my phone turns OFF again and attempts to restart, but this time it never passes the Apple logo. It displays the Apple logo for a few seconds and then the Apple Logo would disappear for few seconds. It would then display the logo again and then disappear. This cycle never ends.


  • If i try to put the phone in recovery mode while not connected to a PC, it shuts the phone off.
  • If i try to put the phone in Recovery Mode while connected to iTunes, iTunes will prompt me to "Update" my phone stating that it will attempt to reinstall iOS while also keeping my files. Once it tries to install, the iPhone restarts showing the Apple logo with a loading circle underneath, which turns into the loading bar that shows up when you're updating your phone. The loading bar shows up for less than a second then the screen goes black, and the iPhone restarts and automatically launches Recovery Mode. The 4013 error is displayed on-screen and iTunes stops recognizing that the phone is plugged in. Keep in mind that the iPhone is still on the Recovery Mode screen. After reconnecting the lightning cable, iTunes then prompts that the phone cannot be "Updated" so the only other option is to factory reset the iPhone, erase all data and settings, and optionally restore from a back up after the factory reset. The same things happens as before.
  • I've tried other programs such as 3u Tools to install iOS. I've tried reinstalling the new BETA iOS 11.1 and the more stable iOS 10.3.3. The same glitch happens where the phone displays the loading bar momentarily before restarting and heading back to Recovery Mode ultimately voiding the update.

Has anyone dealt with this or would like to provide any more things to try? I've never had a problem with an iPhone before when it comes to software, but could it be possible that this is a hardware issue?

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Im trying to repair a water damaged iPhone 7. Same problem! Endless loop! I did a 2 times ultrasonic clean of the motherboard, but the problem continued. So I forced the phone into recovery mode and exactly like you explained the phone reboots just as you see the progress bar appear, then iTunes shows error 1413.

This phone however is running iOS 10 and was running fine until the customer got water in it!


I attended my Genius Bar appointment today at my local Apple Store and the guy told me it was definitely water damage. Apparently it is indeed possible for software to brick hardware as well. I was 13 days over my warranty, but the guy voided the replacement fee for the phone to "make my day", and I backed up from iTunes just fine.


I’m having the exact sand problem with my iPhone 7. It has no water damage. This happen when I attempted to update my phone with the 11.2 update


I am having the same issue!


It is probably a cpu short of the baseband cpu. Welcome to Apple!


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Error 4013 on Iphone 6 nd 6 plus are always NAND, However, after about a couple dozen repairs on the Iphone 7 4013, It has been (90%) BB PMU and (10% Baseband). I have had 2 recently (That we discussed) where the short has been in the Baseband CPU itself and not repairable...and a couple where LDO lines have been shorted from previous attempts at reflowing the PMU and caused shorts on backside on BB CPU.

So far, to date, I haven't had 1 IP 7 or 7+ with NAND issue on 4013 :)

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From what I heard this is a hardware problem within the logic board. I had the same problem with my iPhone 7 and took it to the Genius Bar to get it checked out and apparently Apple is doing a recall on all iPhone 7s with the "no carrier and searching.." if I were you and if your phone is underneath the Apple Program, replace your phone to save the hassle.

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Usually, factory reset it can solve if it is only because of errors occurs after updating to iOS 11 and here fix iPhone keeps rebooting loop. But if it's a hardware issue, you're suggest to go Apple Support.

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I have an iPhone 7 and had the same problem... I took it to the store and they said it’s a known issue and would have to send my phone for repair. They said it qualified for the repair at no cost. 2 days later I get an email saying I’m being charged $319 if i want my phone back. I immediately called Apple support and they refused to tell me what the charge was for!! They said sometimes it’s 3rd party parts (I bought my phone brand new and have had no repairs) or water damage. I haven’t had my phone near any water and isn’t this phone water resistant anyway? A service manager with Apple is disputing it with their engineering department but its a week and a half later and I still have no answers

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