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Battery Drain After Screen Replacement

I have recently had some issues after iPhone 6s screen replacement.

Whilst testing devices after screen replacement I have seen some rapid battery drain and in some cases full shutdowns.

There is nothing to suggest the devices weren't already like this (as we know the 6s battery situation) however I'm wondering can a screen casue this.

I have recently changed my screen supplier, it doesn't happen on each 6s but ive seen it 3-4times now in past few months and I am curious has anyone else experienced this.

Today turned device on after screen replacement and was 41%, this soon became 39% and whilst testing front camera it shut down. When powered up again it was at 10%

Thanks in advance

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It's certainly possible, depending on the quality level of the screen. Even "premium" screens could do this but you wouldn't expect to see so many screens unless you got a really bad batch.

The easiest way to test is to replace the battery with a Power Supply and note the current draw and how it compares between good and bad screens. A poor quality backlight could draw excessive current. Also, are you eliminating the FCAM/Sensor as a variable?

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What is the potential variable regarding FCAM/Sensor? I can't find anyone mentioning this elsewhere. If I would guess I'd say a faulty light sensor would "pulsate" the screenbrightness uncontrollably and thusly drain the battery?


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Mostly this issue happens after replacing a fake lcd screen,becoz a fake lcd screen alwyz takes a lot of power jus to controll screen adjustment like backlight,slide motions and touch becoz its not meassured professioanally like the original one which came with the phone.the only option is to replace with original will see much differance on battery drainage..!!!

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Hi. I have same issue but I noticed that when i lifte the bottom of a screen of of the body the battery stays normal. Maybe isolation issues?

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