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Front camera does not work after screen replacement.

I have done many repairs on several iPhones of all models and have always been able to solve the issues I run into but I have recently repaired an iPhone 6s Plus screen that went bad. I disconnected the battery like I always do before disconnecting the display on the phones and I then gently disconnected the old display and swapped out the camera to the new display and connected everything without an issue. I then reconnected the battery and reset the iPhone by holding the power button and home button simultaneously. Everything works on the phone except for the front camera. Whenever I switch to the front camera the phone's camera freezes and stays black or it switches back to the rear camera. I have tried swapping different screens with functioning cameras and have yet to solve the issue. I do not know what the problem is.

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Do you see any abnormalities or damage to the FPC data or display connectors? (Where the cables from the screen plug into the logic board? You may need a magnifying glass.


I used a magnifying glass to check and see if any of the actual connectors were damaged but I do not see anything that stands out.


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You've received good advice from @anthonyj and @optimusty. Based on your feedback, there's a good chance it is logic board related. How confident are you in the replacement flexes you have? It's not uncommon to have poor quality small parts and they could all be from a bad batch. Can you test them elsewhere or do you have one that is known-good?

If you do, then the next logical step is to probe the logic board, starting with the filters (FL3100/3102/3104) and work your way up towards the PMIC (U2000). If you are uncomfortable with this, then you should have it looked at by an experienced micro-solderer.

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If the prox sensor and ambient light are working fine it might just be the flex is bad. Try it out on a few other apps with front facing camera options (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) if its still acting funny you would replace the flex cable. Also try a factory restore if you dont have an extra part, Make sure to back it up first!

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I thought it would be the flex cable for the camera but the problem is I have tried using several other different cameras and the problem persists.


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