How to replace ear pads for JBL Everest Elite 700?

I have had these for 4 months now, the leathers of the ear pads are starting to come off slowly, from inside the cups themselves, and from the outside on the edges. I know that they are replaceable since I can buy new ear pads online for these headphones. I just don't know how to replace them. I can send them back to JBL for repairs, however it's just ear pad replacement, and I can do it myself. I'd rather not send for and not have headphones for weeks. Please help

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It is possible to replace the ear pads, but there are details to consider.

On Elite 700: The ear pads are held in place by a plastic plate with claws, and some of the claws will most likely break off when you remove the pad.

You do this by grabbing under the edge where the fabric ends, then pulling hard outward.

The claws will eventually let go, and some of them will break off, rattling inside the ear pod.

The only way to get them out is to unscrew the speaker plate, lift it up, and shake out the broken-off claws.

The new pads are simply centered over the speaker plate, and the claws pressed into the holes with a firm pressure.

On Everest 700: The ear pads are glued into position with double-adhesive tape.

Pull the old pads off with a forceful, steady pull, until the glue lets go.

Remove the protective layer on the new pads, and carefully position them correctly before pressing home all the way around the edge.

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Where does one find the ear cushions? Can someone supply a link ?


Please provide a link thanks.


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Hi! Put something sharp to the tiny gap between the pad and the earphone itself. Twist gently.

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