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Black screen of death

So I got the "black screen of death" on my iPhone 7 128gb silver on iOS 10.3 while casually using my phone the other day. The screen faded to black slowly and wouldn't show again, I could feel the home button vibrate so I knew it was still on but the silent switch doesn't make the phone vibrate. so I tried soft reset- didn't work, tried letting it die then charging- didn't work, tried update- didn't work, finally tried restore in both Dfu and recovery mode didn't work, so after that I assumed maybe it was the LCD so I tried a new one that didn't work either.

Now I'm stuck with a paperweight iPhone 7 that is less than a month old, I would contact apple but I was told warranty won't cover it anymore since i opened it to try a new LCD. Is there anything you guys would recommend? Any and all help is appreciated, very little info about my problem online. Thank you for your time.

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I though the article is useful. At least it helped me exit black screen......

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death


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Put the original LCD back on, and get the phone replaced under warranty. Do not tell them anything about opening the phone, just say one day it suddenly just died like that.

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You Need Check Battery With Full charge..... and connect with iTune .. i hope your Phone connected.... if connected you have 2 Problem

1) Chargeing

2) Lcd Light


I got Same Problem. And Solved..

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This happened on a 7 that I fixed about two weeks ago, you need to order either this or something just like it.

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