Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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My phone won't charge unless the charging cable is just right

The connection between my charging cable and the phone is very finicky. I have to wiggle the cable to start the charging process. The slightest bump, and charging stops.

The phone is over two years old and the problem started in the last few months.

I have tried different cables but nothing seems to help.

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Another tool you can use is a wood tooth pick, if you are still having problems replace your dock connector.

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Try raking the bottom of the lightning socket with something thin and stiff, such as a thin paperclip (or use the Probe and Pick Set) to remove the lint.

I had a similar issue with my iPhone 5S and the Apple Store guy took it back for 3 minutes and came back and all was well.

One giveaway is that the white plastic collar (for lack of a better term) doesn't sit flush against the phones body when the lightning cable is plugged in. Once that lint was removed, it was flush again and charging was back to normal.



Toothpicks (wooden tools) are safer but may not tough enough.

I used metal tools but was careful not to mess with the metal pins.


Yes, a toothpick (or anything wood) is certainly a lot safer than metal tools. The toothpicks I've used aren't hard enough to break up the cruft at the back wall of the port.

You could use a teflon spudger as an in-between that's stronger than wood but can't do damage like a metal pick would.

That being said, I recently had to clear out the lightning port a second time (on my iPhone 6s) and I used my metal tools without issue. The pins are located on the floor/ceiling of the port chamber so I mostly kept clear of the pins by sticking to the back wall to break up the packed cruft.

Imagen Probe and Pick Set


Probe and Pick Set


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No don't ever put any metal in the charging port you can cause a short and end up with a paper weight phone

what you should do is use a toothbrush and brush the charging port it gets clogged with lint over time


I used a whittled down toothpick and I could not believe how much lint came out!

I have only had to charge once since I cleaned the port, but there were no issues, the cable clicked in and started charging. I next cleaned my wife's phone which she has only had for two months and I found traces of lint there as well.

This suggestion sure save me some cash.



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