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iPhone 7 home button does not click

My iPhone 7 was submerged in water and now the home button is not working.

The Touch ID works perfectly, however, the home button does not click at all. The phone also still vibrates.

Do I need to replace the Taptic Engine? Or what do I need to replace?

Thanks in advance.

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Any device that came into contact with water, especially sea water, must be properly cleaned and decontaminated before anything else. Otherwise, you can have all kinds of latent issues down the road. However, with the iPhone 7, Home Button issues are essentially the one thing DIY & third party repair shops cannot address.

I would take a look at this previous question regarding iPhone 7 Home Buttons, particularly @rany 's answer, which is excellent iPhone 7 home button not working after screen replacement

In your case, you could have a logic board issue which may be repairable but if in the end your Home Button is defective, only Apple will be able to solve your problem.

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I've not worked on the 7 yet, but have plenty of experience on 6 models. As for the "click"'s just a mechanical mechanism that when pressed makes contact to close the circuit (I believe). If you gently remove the home button and set on flat surface, you should be able to press it and feel the click you mentioned...if not, clean with 90% or higher alcohol to help remove corrosion that may be preventing the click or movement to the contact points inside.

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Michael, the button on the iPhone 7 is all electronic, there is no physical actuator. You should read the thread I referenced in my answer. There are a few other threads as well.


Thank you... I was going by the 6 button where I could hear a click...I assumed the "click" he was referring to was same...but I will read up :)


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