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Repeating songs in music app

I have been trying to find how to stop each song repeating itself. My iPod touch use to play one different song after another. Now it just repeats each song, unless I manually press the next song. Help! This is no good when exercising as one cannot stop every 3-4 minutes and press the next song.

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If you have IOS 9 or 10: go to the music player, when in the play/pause,... menu scroll down. There should be 2 buttons: "Repeat" and "Shuffle" Press the repeat button until the highlight is gone.

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When I select the playlist either in shuffle or continuous, the songs will play consecutively for a while then it locks onto one song and continuously keeps playing the same song.


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Thanks heaps, appreciate your help.

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You're welcome! I remember having a hard time in that new interface there. It was an accidental scroll that revealed the buttons. Have a great day!


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