A foldable, compact drone with 4K video capabilities, first released in November 2016.

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Front vision system failure after moderate crash

I crashed my Mavic for the first time today (tried to pass throught a window to enter my apartment and hit the frame...).

The front of the Mavic separated and is giving a Front vision failure:

Block Image

Any advice?

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How did u fix it? It happns the same with me

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Yea im having the same issue.


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That and a broken gimbal ribbon cable has happened to me too after crashing in a tree. I am following to see about the forward sensors. I have a ribbon cable to replace already.

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There are two connectors that attach to the gimbal control board at the nose of the drone under the main body cap, right where yours has popped open. They are for the forward vision cameras. Perhaps they dislodged during the crash. I was at low altitude and sideswiped at tree last week which crashed my MP. My anti vibration plate for the gimbal was broken, as well as the camera anti hang hook and the ribbon cable. I tested the camera before disassembly and it was working. After replacing the ribbon cable, and gimbal mounting plate, I now have a perfectly working gimbal but the camera does not appear in my go4 app. Trying to troubleshoot that now :( I think I maybe damaged the camera’s data cable in the process of replacing the ribbon wire. Ugh.

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Yr gimbal connector is damged. Buy a new cable and replace it. You can find gimbal fix on youtube.

I just done 2 drone repairs succesfylly.

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