The first phone in the Redmi Note series, released in July, 2014 and produced by Xiaomi. The Redmi Note TD-LTE 2014022 was the first Redmi phone to feature the large 5.5 inch display.

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Why is the back camera taking blurry pictures?

The back camera on my phone works but takes blurry photos. The front camera works without a problem. Why is that? Thanks.

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The problem could simply be that the camera is not in focus. When taking a picture, tap the area on the screen you would like to focus on. The lens on the camera may be dirty so cleaning that would reduce blurriness. The camera itself may also be damaged and need replacement. For more information, check out the troubleshooting page for more detail and information about replacing the camera.

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Is there water or steam under the camera? Silly but have you tried cleaning it? Try turning options off like filters and autofocus.

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