Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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iPad Air 2 Randomly shutting down, red screen on boot up and shut down


I replaced two iPad air 2 Digitizer's/Lcd on clients devices and on one of them, the device shows the Apple logo for about 10 seconds, goes red then shuts down. This loops.

It does boot at times into a fully working iPad which you can use but it again at times just turns it self off.

I did disconnect the battery so I'm wondering if I've got a bad connection?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I'm having the same issue after replacing the screen. No problems during repair, battery was disconnected prior to the new screen being attached. Sensor was soldered onto the new screen. No missing or damaged capacitors or diodes around the connectors. What was your solution?


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I would definitely open it up again and inspect the connectors and the surrounding area for signs of debris or damage. Specifically, look for damaged pins in the connectors or missing/dislodged passive components (capacitors, filters etc) next to the connectors. Another thing to look for are pinched flexes.

Let us know what you find and we'll be able to give you more guidance.

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I had the same issue after a screen replacement. I disconnected each connector on the board then reattached them one by one to see which part was causing it to red screen. I noticed that it red screened when the power button / top sensor flex was attached. It must have been damaged in the process of removing the screen. Changing this flex cable solved the problem and now its booting as normal. Hopefully this will help anyone else that has the same issue. As I couldn't find any other solutions on the internet.

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First thing to do always when you get like this problem. Is to do the same as Peter did.

Disconnect all connectors then check it with each one separate.

This red screen it means your pwr button flex is bad. Not the power button it self but the sensor that attached to it is damaged during the fix.

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You can also have a cheap part that is incompatible. I have seen this with iPhones. You will need a second assembly unit to test this.

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Okay Guys so I had the same issue with the IPAD MINI 4, Turn on and i was getting and Red screen and the ipad will reboot, Disconnect the power flew and it came on, ISSUE WAS the power flew cable,

Hope this work for you,

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