This instant camera from Fujifilm now boasts a slimmer and lighter body than previous revisions. The Mini 8 helps the photographer by alerting them the recommended aperture. It also has a High-Key flash mode which helps the photographer attain soft portraits for a stunning look.

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My camera won't turn on

I got my Instax mini 8 camera last year, I wanted to use it now but it would not turn on. I used new Energizer batteries and would not work. I tested the battery by using it on a mouse and it was fine. And also last time I put my old battery in the camera too long and it kinda 'melted'. But I cleaned out the battery slot and replace it with the new battery. How do I get the camera to turn on? Please help, thanks.

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Yeah my fujifilm instax mini 6 won't turn on. I put new AA batteries in. Nothing. They were straight out of the package and fresh. Before that there was a red light on but the camera wouldn't take pictures. It doesn't even have a red light on it now. It still won't take pictures. I even replaced the film when there was one extra in the old pack. Still nothing. I did however leave this camera in it's case from around Christmas to about three weeks ago. Im not sure how this could have affected it though.


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Hey Lizzie,

It looks like you're not the only one having problems with this camera turning on.

How did you clean the battery contacts after your battery melted? Are the contacts damaged at all?

Are you getting any red lights or blinking lights along the base of the lens?

Things to try:

1.) Make sure you're using two of the same using alkaline batteries (not heavy buty) and they're inserted into the camera correctly. Even if you think you have 'em in there correctly, check again.

2.) Everything I've read says to use Energizer batteries, but it looks like these people had luck with Panasonic. Not that it should really matter.

3.) Make sure the batteries are fitting tight between the contacts.

Many people are having the same problem you are, so let us know what you try next! Good luck!

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Also read the polarity carefully, You would think that both positives will go in one direction and both negatives the other. With these cameras, its not the case. First battery's positive aligns with the second battery's negative inside the camera body. This happened to myself.

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