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How I can recover deleted video files from my macOS Sierra?

I have accidently deleted some important videos files from my Mac computer and unfortunately I have turn off my Time Machine.

How can I recover my deleted files without using Time Machine?

Many thanks in advance.

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It is hard to get deleted files back without backup, but you can try professional file recovery tool to recover your videos at a little cost.

Jihosoft File Recovery for Mac, for example, can recover deleted videos from MacOS Sierra without using Time Machine.

This recovery program is extremely easy to use.

  • Download and install it on your Mac.
  • Run the program and select the storage device to scan.
  • Preview the recoverable files found by the program.
  • Select the videos file you need and Recover them back

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Hi Ruth Fields,

If other than Time Machine, you have backup of your video files at online storage like iDrive, Dropbox etc., then you can restore your deleted video files from there.

Alternatively, there is no other ways to restore the deleted videos files without using a Mac data recovery software. Here is one such macOS data recovery software, which lets users to recover the deleted data of any kind like Photo, videos, audio files from the Mac OS hard drive. Source

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If you deleted them but didnt empty your trash can they should be there. If you had emptyed your trash can, then theres nothing to really do. You could take it to someone to see if you can get them recovered but that will cost quite a bit of money and if they were crucial videos that could really change your life, its not really worth it. But check your trash can first, its at the bottom right of the dock on the bottom

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