The DZ09 is a Chinese smart watch with basic features and calling ability. These can be as cheap as $10! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

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What is input password for DZ09 smartwatches?

I bought smartwatches DZ09 from gearbest but now it says I have to put input password I don't have it, please help.

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It,s work I tryid `1122' and it,s solve


i forgot the password of my smart watch. how can i reset it


i forgot the password of my smart watch. how can i reset it. the default password 1122 is not working


i cant use indian simcard in to unlock it?


What is the input puk code dz09 smart watch


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The password by default is 1122.

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I have the same problem, and 1122 didn't work.

Any other ideas?


Ps, no QR code came with the watch either.


I have no clue; it says in the manual that 1122 is the default password.


you can try this "1111"


thnx because my brother cant change his password so i went researching


hello, bro, i have forgotten my password. Now, how can i unlock it


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