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Why is that oppo f1s is rebooting again and again after 2nd rooting?

Hello, my oppo f1s starts to reboot constantly after the second time i root it, my phone vibrates and restarts after the oppo logo is shown, it wont let me charge nor access my phone's recovery mode. it only stops rebooting when the battery is fully drained or if its rebooting for too long. Please tell me how to fix this by my own. i dont wanna go to service centre, i begging you all. I dont know if the root is the problem or just the phone itself, pls pls pls tell me, I love that phone so much. :( :(

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This is not the right place to ask root questions, as this is not related to fixing a device. Rooting is something that modifies the phone beyond its original intended design. It would be better to ask someone on

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u have to use advance oppo tool to flash new software . while restarting again and again you have to plug data cable ha press volume up at the same time. wait until ut finish done

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just hard reset it. if you dont know how?

long press power button to switch it off. i mean long press until it will be off

next long press power button and volume down together until it will show the options . im tired typing bro. just search it in google. thanks to me :)

-RY Partosa

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