The JBL Charge 3 was released in 2016. It features Bluetooth and a 6000mAh battery, provides up to 20 hours of entertainment and can charge other devices with its built-in USB port. Available in Red, Black, Green, Gray, and Blue. With IPX7 waterproofing, it can be used in wet weather, or in the pool.

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Only turning on while plugged in


I recently bought a JBL charge 3. Since today, it won't turn on when it's not plugged in. I didn't blow it and the battery is full (all 5 light are on). How can I fix this or do I have to go back to the store?

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ive got the same problem, i tryed everthing.

It turns of thats all.

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You need to charge your jbl and when the power button turns on you have to press the volume+ and the connect button at the same time until it shuts of.

Then you pull the cable out and start it

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I had the same problem I solve it this way, Plug the cable to turn on . press the bluetoth and - volume until blink, then pres bluetooth + until blink , then pres power and + until reset AND voila

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when start function again recommended that update the firmware att app at google play JBL CONNECT

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Mine is off and wont start until i charge it again:(


Its going off i dont even have to press the power button


Same here it just turns off after pressing Bluetooth and +


I got it to!

First hold the Bluetooth and - then

Bluetooth + and it's blinks and turns off.

Any more steps to take?


Didn't work in my speaker, im very anxious to repair it


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