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The phone says I have to delete apps, I still have storage

Every time I try to download an app Google play says I need to delete apps to make room when I have plenty of storage left

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Hi, What storage are you talking about? If it is SD Card storage then the problem is that Android installs apps in the 'Internal' storage area by default. Check your Internal storage space availability.

You can move apps to the SD Card IF the app developer has enabled the option to do so when the app was created.

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That is a huge IF! You won't find many that you download that will be allowed to move to your card. Wish app, home app,! Imagine that!!!l!

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Hi @mcavagna ,

If your phone is running Android 6 or higher you can merge the SD Card into the internal storage thereby increasing overall storage. Just install the highest capacity SD Card that the phone can handle (or that you can afford).

The downside is that the card must always stay in the phone and that you cannot "read" it outside of the phone. Here's a link that describes it better than I can


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