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won't start,new battery and solenoid.

Golf Cart yamaha g16 gas new battery and solenoid. will start if solenoid is jumped. I have checked all fuses. any suggestions help.

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@mezkin it will start every time you apply a jumper to the solenoid?


We have the same problem. Brand new battery and solenoid. Can jump solenoid. When key is on lights work and in reverse position beeps but when you push on petal nothing happens.


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Leonard, If battery and solenoid known to be good, look in black box right behind the battery, take the cover off locate the 10 amp fuse and replace it if blown. If equipped with safety features like seat switch, safety neutral, etc. check/test that they are functioning properly. If all looks good there check wires and plug on ignition switch and test switch for proper function.

Hope this is of help. Good luck.

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@mezkin check to make sure your fuse (#34) has continuity and that your main switch (#30) works. Use a jumper to find out if you can "hot wire" it. If that works, replace that assembly.

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I have a G16 new coil , fuel pump cleaned carb have spark and fule but it still starts hard . So I disconnected the kill switch to coil to go around any electrical circuits. Adjusted valves to .004 with no luck ! What are the chances I sheared the key way on the flywheel? It was dieing and backfiring I have 160 compression so I'm at s loss please help


Thank you. It was the 15AMP fuse. Thanks again John


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