The Summer Infant 3D Lite is a stroller that features an ultra-lightweight design and easy storage capabilities.

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Replacement wheels for stroller

Where can I buy replacement wheels

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The quickest method might be to contact the manufacturer by phone and ask if the wheels are even available as a replacement part.

Here is a link.

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Good, because I couldn't find them anywhere.


If you are in Canada there is a 1-800 and 905 number on the stroller itself but not on the summer infant website for some reason. The website won't permit you to ship to Canada. However if you call them you can still get wheels.


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The manufacturer has a link to replacement parts

Front wheel:

Back wheel:

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It’d be interesting to me to hear *why* ppl want replacement wheels. In my case, the edge of one “tire” started to wear, eventually causing the whole wheel and stem pieces to bend inward. Which caused further wear on the tire, which caused more bending, etc. And now the tire is a weird shape and it won’t stay on.

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