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HP laptop overheats and shuts down.

My HP G72 laptop overheats and turns itself off. What are the possible causes? I have taken it apart and cleaned it completely inside. Very small amount of dirt and the fan is working.

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@vinced when you cleaned it you odf course made sure that all the air inlet vents were clean and un-obstructed. Just because you hear your fan, does not mean it runs efficiently. I would suggest you replace the fan and replace the thermal paste on the heatsink. A lot also depends on where you use your computer. Always make sure that the air vents are not obstructed. So do not use it on something like a pillow or similar.

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Thank you, oldturkey03. Yes, I did check all air vents and all were clear. I used canned air and cleaned every square inch inside the laptop and checked for burn mark or any signs of something "not right", but all looked good. I have been using a cooling tray under the laptop, but it still overheats. Also, I use it on a table top with plenty of clear space around it. I, also suspected the cooling fan and the heatsink were not working properly. I removed the fan/heatsink and cleaned off the old thermal paste and with new paste. But still the same problem. A new fan is less expensive than a new laptop, so I think I will order a new fan/heatsink assy. Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.


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your VGA exhausted so you cant doing any thing.

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