A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure.

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Washer will not turn on no power display lights

Washer will not turn on and no power buttons are lit up

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washer lights are stuck on I've tried unplugging it and it does the same thing


Shanae since your problem is opposite from the problems this question was about, I suggest you start a new question to avoid confusion


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As you have no power lights and the washer will not turn on, please check that you have the machine turned on at the power point. If it is turned on, check your fuse box and correct any switch as necessary.

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Where is the power point


Check your breaker box.


It appears that my further answer to your question has not been posted. Nevertheless don't worry. By saying the power point, I meant where you plug in the washing mashing into the wall for example? And make sure that if there is a little switch next to the plug, press this button down. This will turn on all power.

If it still doesn't work, plug something else into the same socket. eg: a lamp, or phone charger, just to make sure that socket is working.

If nothing that you plug into the socket works, then you will have to check your fuse/breaker box.

Hopefully by now it will be working. Good luck :)


My washer when plugged in sounds like it’s working I have no display lights


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