Why my BlackBerry camera won't focus?

My Blackberry passport back camera won't focus. Everything seems to be working fine when I press and hold the screen with my finger the phone acts like it's both focusing and adjusting brightness but what my camera really does is only brightness adjustment. The picture stays blurry no matter what I do and how far/close am I to the object . After a second or two the square turns green and it's ready to take a shot. After I take a picture the image is blurry. I tried to play around with all the options on and off, did the soft and hard reset (factory settings). I even reinstalled the BB system via BB Link - nothing changed. I read on the internet that it's a common issue with BB Passport and that if the software reinstallment doesn't help, hardware should be replaced. I got my BB from Canada as a gift but I live in Europe plus my warranty expired therefore I'm planing to get a spare camera and replace it. What do you think? Do you guys maybe have some better ideas?

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Just in case it's a software issue, try and download another camera app from either BB World or Amazon App Store and see if the the problem still persists. Hopefully it's another software bug otherwise you will need to replace it. Check the forum posts in Crackberry for guides to replace the camera. Good luck!

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My BlackBerry Passport camera is not nice again after resetting it. What should I do to better the camera.

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My BlackBerry Passport camera is not nice


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