Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives.

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Recover lost data fromBroken Usb

I had the Usb plugged in to my laptop well I was at my desk while I was going to take it to another room because my brother asked for help I dropped my laptop and the Usb hit the side of the table, and broke. How do I fix it or how do I recover the 7 years of data stored in it?

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Is the USB port snapped off, or is it just bent? Please post a picture.


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Here are detailed steps for you to rescue your contents there:

1). Do not overwrite this USB flash drive in case of real data loss problems.

2). Scan it with data recovery software to see whether all of your wanted contents inside this drive could be restored. There are always many data recovery tools online. Just select one for your USB flash drive, like uFlysoft data recovery, iCare Data Recovery and TestDisk, etc.

3). Save and back up all restored data on a different drive in case of data loss.

Never forget to make data backup again in the future.

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