Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by ALCATEL One Touch.

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I can't get to my phone's settings.

I just bought this phone from a friend it's Alçatel One Touch Android cell phone I did not ask for instructions I thought for sure I would be able to do it since I have dealt with many I cannot get to my settings I cannot past the Wi-Fi please help me figure this out.

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Wasn't this answered before for you? Try this, 'Google' Alcatel One Touch '(your particular variant/model)' User guide. That way you can download the guide and learn all about the phone.


hey you are the bomb thank you so much for your reply I have been reading and reading and it's the best info I've got yet thanks again have a great one


I have a 3 year old LG v8 lucid 3 or something like that and I can't get into anything important in my settings, not even the factory reset, it says "unfortunately, settings has stopped" PLEASE HELP!


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I have the manual for the Alcatel One Touch POP (A464BG). It says "Touch More" from the Home Screen. There is no "More" on the Home Screen. Look at an image of that phone on Google, for example, and there is no such thing. I probably should have expected this from such a cheap phone.

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Can't find my MEI number.


My phone settings is not opening due to clear cache of setting what I do now to get back


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