A rugged waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker encased in a smooth grip-like rubber on all sides. Model # PH-BTW55 and released in 2015.

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Why is my speaker not connecting to my phone?

I turned my Photive Hydra speaker on and made sure that my bluetooth on my phone is on. I can't find the device on my bluetooth list from my phone.

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Is there a blue light showing on the bottom right hand corner at the front of the speaker when you switch it on?

If not it means that the battery is flat and needs to be charged. Plug in the charging adapter and see if the light comes on.

If it does let it charge for a while then try to connect to your phone.

If it does not there may be a problem with either the charger, the charging circuit in the speaker or the battery in the speaker.

If it does come on when you switch on is it flashing rapidly or slowly?

Rapidly indicates that it is waiting to be paired. Slowly indicates that it is already paired.

Here is the Ifixit guide to troubleshoot your speaker

Photive Hydra Troubleshooting

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My speaker is on, (blue light on), my iPhone can’t find the device to connect.


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The device name should be listed on your phone as PH-BTW55. If it is not listed, try pushing the pairing button on the top of the speaker in between the volume and select track buttons. This enables the pairing mode and the blue LED light will be flashing quickly. Also, make sure you are within the effective distance of the transmitter being 33 feet or 10 meters. If this still does not fix the issue, there may be a problem internally with the Bluetooth transmitter.

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Did you hold down the bluetooth button on top of your Hydra until the blue lights flash rapidly, then search devices with your phone?

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