JBL Flip bluetooth speaker.Portable wireless speaker that is great when you are on the go. Released September 14, 2012 *Note not the JBL Flip 2

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My JBL flip Bluetooth device will not put out no audio

My JBL flip will connect to Bluetooth all of the lights come on everything works except it will not put no sound out it will even not connect to sound when I put the auxiliary cord in it what could be the problem

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1. Turn JBL on

2. Press and hold power button until you hear a u familiar beep sound

3. Plug in aux cord to computer and then JBL

4. Then pair jbl to computer/phone and let it play for a few seconds when it's still plugged in through AUX cord

5. Then unplug it aux cord from both devices

6. Let it pair again and there it is. It is now configured into computer and should work


Try this answer: Why does my speaker not emit audio?

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did not work for me on flip 4


Thank you for your post, while this did not solve my problem in that Win7 is unable to play sound with no AUX port plugged in, it does play with the AUX cable plugged in! - which is more than any other solution that I've looked at. So I'll just use the AUX port.

I am using a JBL Flip 3, with a CRS8510 A10 bluetooth radio. I was unable to make any progress until I installed this driver:


Now I am able to play sound, but only through the AUX port. I would say NEVER, EVER buy a CRS bluetooth anything to pair with JBL's equipment.

It's pretty unacceptable that a simple bluetooth radio can't couple with a JBL speaker in 2018, but here we are.

And yeah, I've tried every solution on Google. Like 10 different "solutions" till I found that driver and the AUX suggestion. CRS drivers are garbage off their site.


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Open up the JBL Flip 4 and press firmly on the square on the PC board (called a dark choke)... if it is loose, make sure it is firmly soldered. Your Flip 4 should then have sound, as this is a common fault throughout the Flip series. So, don't give up, try it.. you never know. :)

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how do i open up the jbl flip 4?


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JBL Link 20

tuned off the unit, using the mike button, ( top side) then turn it back on, same button

then pressed the middle button (top) hold down and

say "pair device" or "pair"

go to to your blue tooth settings then, when prompted, and select the JBL speaker

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